Please join the Museum Store Association in congratulating the winners of the MSA STORE OF THE MONTH.  This page will be updated monthly with our winners, with the MSA STORE OF THE YEAR being recognized at our annual conference and expo, MSA FORWARD 2019.

December 2018 Winner

American Saddlebred Museum

The American Saddlebred Museum (ASM) is known as the “Showplace for Saddlebreds” and the Museum’s Gift Shop reflects this motto with its wide array of equine-themed merchandise and products exclusive to the Saddlebred breed. The recently renovated store boasts a contemporary look which reflects the Saddlebred barn experience, and their wide array of merchandise includes clothing, accessories, books, home goods, children’s merchandise, and souvenirs.

The ASM Gift Shop reaches out to the Saddlebred community by having pop-up booths at local and national Saddlebred horse shows.  The Gift Shop’s annual Gift Catalog is mailed to 6,000+ customers and is distributed throughout the year at special events and other locations, helping to drive phone sales throughout the year. The Gift Shop utilizes an online sales platform to make sales easier for customers and leverages social media to increase sales.  The August 2018 issue of International Show Horse Magazine featured an article about the Gift Shop renovation and included a selection of exclusive items. This article helped to establish a relationship with the publication, and moving forward, highlights from the Gift Shop will be featured in each issue.

November 2018 Winner

Phoenix Art Museum

The team at the Phoenix Art Museum worked diligently on the research, product development, visual merchandising and sales in support of their fall exhibition, Teotihuacan: City of Water, City of Fire. The result was a product assortment that reflects the institution’s mission as well as supporting the subjects and themes represented in the exhibition.  They worked with MSA vendor members on a thoughtfully curated product assortment to fit every price point and style and also worked with a local well-known artist team, the Fortoul Brothers, who has a large following.  Exhibition products are featured in their main window with a wide assortment of items, with more focused collections elsewhere in the store.  Children’s sizes of shirts are hung lower for ease of access to smaller hands.

The visual merchandising for the exhibition was done creatively while on a very limited budget – but still allowing for the seamless continuation of the exhibition experience through to the museum store. Creative use of various materials resulted in one of the best exhibition-centric windows the team has created.

October 2018 Winner

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

The Shops of George Washington’s Mount Vernon provide critical support to Mount Vernon.  Their mission is to educate customers on the history of George Washington and the Founding Fathers through their purchases of books and products that they find fun and appealing.  Mount Vernon receives more than 1.1 million international and domestic visitors each year.

Its broad customer demographic encompasses many children’s groups (almost 1/3 of visitation), seniors traveling on bus tours, local visitors looking for high-end gifts and reproductions and the thousands of individuals and families who travel to Mount Vernon each year. The Shops are exceptional in that they successfully offer a broad spectrum of products to suit all levels of taste, monetary constraints, product expectations and time available to shop. Mount Vernon is well aware that many customers only visit Mount Vernon once in their lifetime, and they want customers to be able to purchase mementos of their visit to George Washington’s beloved home that are educational, a good value and something they will cherish for years to come.