Business Forms for Success!

These forms may be used with Museum Store: The Manager’s Guide and also the New Store Workbook. These forms are categorized as “Operations” and “Analysis.” Look for the downloaded document at the bottom of your internet browser.

Museum Store: The Manager’s Guide

This practical guide is a “must own” resource for every back office. The eight-chapter volume includes a wealth of advice on best practices compiled by MSA to help members become more successful in every aspect of their business. Get guidance from experienced store manager pros to help you correctly evaluate your store’s performance and get on track to boost every aspect of performance. If you add just one educational resource to your library this year, this book should be it! The information it contains is that valuable.

New Store Workbook

Here’s the resource that begins where the rubber meets the road in store performance. In 13 information-packed chapters, you’ll get all the forms, formulae and background information you need to successfully ramp up a new enterprise, taking it from a great idea to a successful opening day. Material is organized so that you can find the exact information you need fast – no getting bogged down learning about areas you already have under control. Step by step, this book will walk you through each and every process so you end up with a store far superior to what most start-ups are able to offer.


Interview Guide and Scorecard Form

End of Day Sales and Cash Receipts Reconciliation Form

Performance Evaluation Sheet


Three-Year Financial Summary

Balance Sheet Example

Cash Flow Projection Form

Chart of Accounts Sample

Comparative Budget Template

Estimating Construction Costs

Expenses Timeline Example

Feasibility Assessment

Figuring Markups

Merchandise Plan Template

Nonprofit Retail Store Start-up Plan

Open-to-Buy Planning Worksheet

Open-to-Buy Template

P&L Statement Template

POS Rating Template

Risk Assessment

Sales Per Square Foot Example

Sales Visitor Projections