Submitting Qualifying Credits

Submitting Credits for Approval
When a credit-eligible activity has been completed, please submit this credit reporting form.

What if my credit is not accepted?
When enrolling in a webinar, conference session or other program, please make sure the coursework is eligible for credit. It is better to ask before paying for a learning session if credit is in question.

Confirmation of Credits
You will receive an email confirming that the credit(s) you submitted were valid and count toward your certificate. If at anytime you would like to confirm the amount of credits you have earned, contact the MSA office at (202) 367-1106 or

Certificate of Completion
Once you have completed the coursework required to earn a minimum of 12 credits, you have successfully earned the certificate in the category for which you enrolled. Congratulations! The MSA office will process any final credits and issue a printed and electronic version of the certificate. Proudly display the accomplishment you’ve earned!

Credit Reporting Form

Complete this form to report your earned credits. If you are enrolled in more than one Certificate Program, be sure to choose the Certificate Type for which you would like to submit this credit(s). Click here if you would like to download the Credit Reporting Form (PDF).

NRP Certificate Credit Submission

    Choose the Certificate Type in which you are enrolled. If you are enrolled in more that one certificate program, choose the Certificate Type for which you would like to submit this credit(s).
  • List the details of your earned credit, including the name of session, blog, presentation, etc. and the date completed.
  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.