Q: I would ultimately like to get a certificate in multiple disciplines. Is there a separate enrollment fee for each discipline?
A: Yes. There is a separate enrollment fee for each.

Q: Once I have met all the requirements of the certificate program for a specific discipline, will I need to continue to take additional courses/workshops/etc. to maintain the certificate in good standing?
A: No. The certificate states that you have completed the coursework in the Knowledge Standard subject area to have a broad understanding of the subject. No additional coursework is needed.

Q: What is the total cost of the certificate program?
A: Beyond the enrollment fee, the cost of completing a certificate varies. You can choose how to complete the program through in-person sessions at the annual conference, attending webinars, or purchasing session recordings or publications.

Q. Can I attend a webinar or conference session and get credit for attending, and then write an execution plan and/or complete a critique sheet and get credit doing each of these?
A: No. You cannot use one learning opportunity to fulfill multiple credits.

Q. How can I earn initials after my name?
A: When you have earned a certificate in ALL eight Knowledge Standards, you have earned the right to advertise your knowledge with the initials NRP (Nonprofit Retail Professional) after your name.

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