Certificate Types

The Museum Store Association is dedicated to your professional growth and career development. Learning experiences such as conference sessions, webinars and informative articles in Museum Store magazine have helped participants understand elements of the nonprofit retail field. MSA is committed to expanding the options offered to members, diving deeper into the topics and issues that matter most. We are pleased to debut a new certificate program to enhance the knowledge culture in our field.

MSA’s certificate program solidifies a commitment to learning and skill building in the nonprofit retail profession, offering a flexible menu of coursework to meet individual budgets, time commitment and interests.

Using the Knowledge Standards established for educational excellence in the nonprofit retail field, MSA has established specializations for each of the eight Knowledge Standards.

Specialization Areas

  • Merchandise Planning

  • Customer Relations

  • Operations

  • Financial Management

  • Human Resources

  • Communications

  • Business Relations

  • Strategic Management

Participant Requirements

Enroll in the program as a member in good standing.
• Submit an enrollment fee to begin the program.
• Enroll in at least one class per year to maintain active status in the program.
• Submit documents to receive credit (It is your responsibility to submit documents to receive credit towards your certificate).

How to Earn Credits

A certificate will be earned based on completion of online and in-person coursework such as: webinars, online courses, conference workshops and regional in-person training sessions.

Course work must relate to the type of certificate you are earning. For example, you may use a conference session categorized as Business Relations for your Business Relations certificate, but you may not use a Business Relations session to count as credit towards a Merchandise Planning certificate.

Course Availability

There are several ways to find out about available coursework:

  • Visit the MSA website. This is the first place coursework is listed and it is the most up-to-date and the most comprehensive. You’ll find available coursework on the event calendar, on the webinar listing page and on the Learning Resources page.
  • Join the Certificate Group on ShopTalk for announcements and updates from MSA staff about upcoming learning opportunities.
  • Watch your email for learning announcements from MSA.

The MSA Certificate Group on ShopTalk allows members to receive information about upcoming learning opportunities, changes in coursework dates and locations, and other Certificate Program information. You are also encouraged to share and learn from each other using the Certificate Group.