Enhance your skills and earn a Nonprofit Retail Certificate

There’s only one way to get real career security, the kind that is bigger than any one job and that makes you a sought-after candidate for every job opening in your field. Security like that comes only by gaining the knowledge and skills that every nonprofit organization wants their team members to have and most never gain.

Get your specialized education through MSA’s Nonprofit Retail Professional Certificate Program. Skills covered include:

  • Speaking the language of your CFO or CEO
  • Talk fluently about your store’s numbers
  • Become a critical member of the planning team
  • Demonstrate your store as an essential part of the visitor experience

Watch this video to learn more. Click here

Earn 8 Certificates as a Museum Retail Professional

MSA’s Certificate Program provided in depth understanding in eight essential areas necessary for successful career in museum store management:

  • Merchandise Planning
  • Customer Relations
  • Operations
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Communications
  • Business Relations
  • Strategic Management

Certificates adhere to MSA’s Knowledge Standards and deliver a full slate of valuable content to perform better on your job and increase your value to your organization.

The Mark of a Professional

When you’ve completed a certificate in all eight Knowledge Standards, you’ve earned the right to add the NRP (Nonprofit Retail Professional) designation after your name everywhere it is used.

Sound good? See how you can get started today:

NRP Certificates

Merchandise planning
Customer Relations
Financial Management
Human Resources
Business Relations
Strategic Management

Click here to read the Knowledge Standards

How To Participate

  • Be an MSA member
  • Earn at least one credit per year
  • Submit enrollment fee
  • Submit documents to receive credits

Upon enrollment you’ll receive a Welcome Packet with all the details.

Credits and Prices

Certificate Credits Required:
12 per certificate

Enrollment Fee:
$100/member per certificate

How to Earn Certificate Credits

Learning Program TypeParticipationCredits EarnedInstances Allowed
MSA WebinarAttendance only1.02
MSA WebinarPresenter3.0No maximum
Blog entryMust be approved for credit before posting1.02
Conference Video RecordingListen to an MSA conference session and write a one-page summary or blog entry1.02
Conference Learning Session Attend the session and write a one-page summary or blog entry2.02
Conference WorkshopAttend the workshop and write a one-page summary or blog entry3.01
Boot CampAttend MSA Retail Boot Camp4.01
Boot Camp LiteAttend Boot Camp Lite at a regional trade show2.02
SpeakerServe as a peer speaker at the Annual Conference & Expo or at a Chapter Meeting3.0No maxiumum
PublishingPublish an article in Museum Store magazine or other industry publication (prior approval required by editor)4.0No maximum
Chapter SessionsAttend a Chapter learning session2.0No maximum
Critique of ResourceCritique a certificate-related resource and complete critique sheet1.02
Execution PlanWrite 1-2 page paper describing plan to implement content learned from a resource or session1.02