The Museum Store Association’s new Individual Membership is designed to support the professional success of the people who work in this industry. For this reason, one of the features of the membership is that members can continue to grow in their careers by retaining their MSA memberships, regardless of where their career paths take them.

When an institution underwrites the dues for an Individual Membership for its employee(s), it should be understood that the membership is structured to be connected to the individual, no matter his or her employment or volunteer status with a particular institution.

MSA recommends that when Individual Membership dues are underwritten by an institution for its employee(s) and/or volunteer(s), there is an agreement established that the membership is to be assigned to a new employee or volunteer if the person in whose name the membership is registered leaves the institution.

In the case that the Individual Membership is assigned to a new person, MSA must receive written notification of the change from the person in whose name the membership is currently held, including the name and contact information of the individual to whom the membership is reassigned. In order for MSA’s membership processes and data management procedures to enable Individual Members to receive the most from their memberships, notification of change in ownership is essential.

Likewise, if an Individual Membership owner changes jobs, MSA must be notified and the member must update his or her online membership profile.

Please download the Transfer of Membership Sample Agreement.