Museum Store Association Code of Ethics

The Museum Store Association (MSA), founded in 1955, is a nonprofit membership organization whose members are engaged in nonprofit retail at various types of cultural institutions. MSA members are also vendors of products that are a distinct fit for noprofit retail stores.

Through MSA’s programs, products and services, the association:

  • Promotes commerce and tourism in nonprofit cultural institutions
  • Provides specialized knowledge and tools for nonprofit retail professionals
  • Fosters excellence in the operations of nonprofit retail spaces

MSA members are committed to carrying out our roles and responsibilities with highest standards of professional and personal ethics and to continuing our personal and professional growth and development. We assume the responsibility for providing professional leadership in our organizations, communities and the nonprofit retail industry. We are committed to maintaining standards of exemplary personal and professional conduct. To these ends, we subscribe to the following standards:

  • We fulfill our professional responsibilities with honesty and integrity.
  • We stay informed of, and comply with, institutional policies, as well as all relevant local, state and national laws.
  • We support and recognize the need to preserve and protect our cultural and natural heritage.
  • We support and recognize socially responsible practices such as Fair Trade, environmental conservation and the integrity of product components, function and safety.
  • We uphold the importance of quality sources, educational value and relatedness of all products sold in the retail operation.
  • We ensure that all reproductions and replicas of cultural and natural artifacts are clearly labeled as such.
  • We adhere to institutional policies regarding proper disposal of deaccessioned materials.
  • We treat all business affiliations with respect.
  • We do not conduct business with organizations or individuals with whom we have a conflict of interest.
  • We never use our position for personal gain.
  • We use MSA’s Knowledge Standards to educate and encourage high standards of professional competence and conduct.
  • We champion the retail operation as an important asset of the organization and a benefit to enhance the visitor’s experience.

If you have questions about MSA’s Code of Ethics, please email MSA.

Adopted 1984, Revised 2014