Western Chapter Meeting Minutes – January 20-22, 2017

Date: January 20-22, 2017
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Host Museum: International Market Center (Las Vegas Market)
Participating Museums: High Museum, Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum
Call to Order Saturday Morning: 9:00 AM

Musem Store Members in Attendance:
Jennifer Barnella & Eleanor Harper-Dutt, Phoenix Art Museum; Molly Brunell & Elena Seaberg, Nuclear Museum; Annette Burdette & Lori Peterson, Church History Museum. (*) Only able to attend beginning Saturday, 1/21 in evening.
Mary Christensen, Museum of Flight; Lucia Fierro, Exploration Place, Inc.; Brenda Hargan, Batucada; Stuart Hata, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco; Susan McKenna, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium; Andrea Mercado, Bloedel Reserve; Lydia Mila Garmaier, Clyfford Still Museum; Pam Pesetti, Crocker Art Museum; Marilu Rix & Tianna Seller, Desert Caballeros Western Museum; Carrie Santell, USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum; Mike Silverman, Oakland Museum of California
John Stafford, Museum of New Mexico Foundation; Andrew Uchin, Norton Simon Museum of Art; Dustin Wax, The Burlesque Hall of Fame; Diana Wientraub, Lowell Observatory; Alison Ebner & Jason Harbonic, MSA HQ!!!
Vendors & Sponsors in Attendance:
The Las Vegas Market: Sarah Jones
Kristina Fassberg, Creative Playware
Felicia Casper of Big Hairy Dog
Brenda Hargan, Batucada
Peter Irwin, Museum Store Products
Victoria Karpas, Custom Projects
Fiona Lin & Sonic Ching-Hua Tseng, Linpeng International
Ed Ripp, Bullpen Book Sales
Steve Santangelo, Popcorn Custom Products
Paul Stewart-Stand, Stewart/Stand
Li Taikkun & Guest, Diwudada Inc.
Introductions & Old Business:
 Announcement that Teisha Matthews (We term Chapter MSA VP) was unable to attend due to a family emergency
 Introductions of MSA National Board members present:
Stuart Hata-MSA Board President
Jason Harbonic- MSA Executive Director
Allison Ebner- MSA Associate Director, Marketing and Communications
 Quick Round table self-introductions and initial thanks to our vendor supporters
 Reading & Approval of Minutes from Atlanta meeting Motion to approve-Susan McKenna Motion Seconded: Ed Ripp
 Membership Drive Update Reminder from Stuart that membership/recruitment needs to be an agenda item at all meetings Paul Stewart- Stand, vendor incentive is to acquire more new customers with face to face(human) actions. Jason- reminder that there is no substitute for personal relationships. Need to have a recruitment “elevator speech” ready to succinctly communicate MSA Benefits & rewards. We are in a sharing a non-completive retail environment that is a benefit to new store members. ‘We share the wealth.”

New Business:
2017 Chapter Officer Volunteer?
We’re a little behind because of our meeting occurring now!
 Currently the chapter officers make a three year commitment as secretary, moving on to vice president, then as president in the final year.
 The main duties of the position are organizing the annual chapter event and recruitment of new members both at museums and within the vendor communities.
 For Carrie it has been a great personal experience with fantastic personal & professional development in addition to being LOTS of fun too! As outgoing Chapter President, Carrie will continue to help with the Membership Drive.
 Thoughts on next chapter meeting? Location? Format? Mike Silverman lead discussion about mixing it up? Trying to have the next meeting earlier to align with traditional MSA calendars so the meeting happens in Fall not Winter. Possibly having it back in a larger metropolitan area with museums to tour many gift shops. Even Hawaii could be a possible destination if the costs could be grouped by a carrier? A doodle pole will try and be sent to members to gauge interest. Also talk of partnering with other chapters? Lydia supported the idea to move the meeting around& John Stafford likes the big City approach
For those of you who know him: Raymond McKenzie, will be back in the MSA fold because he’s taken a new position as Head of Retail Operations at Filoli, a National Historic Trust property in Woodside, CA. We also want to welcome back Diana Weintraub of Lowell Observatory back too.

Meeting Agenda Items:
 Sponsor presentations per support agreements with vendors
 Main Educational content session; “Coaching by Wendy” Wendy Preyssler is an executive coach. She spoke about the leadership Circle that is a tool that looks at hoe creatively approach or reactively respond to circumstances. It was insightful as to how we as leaders operate
 Product Development Show & Tell
 Second Educational content session – Stephanie Buntin, Intellectual Property Lawyer. This session focused on issues related to rights and reproductions as well as product development and branding.

Chapter Reception: Mob Museum

Sunday Morning:
Chapter Breakfast provided by Grand Patron In Kind
Donor: The Las Vegas Market.
 Final Thank you to vendor sponsor
Adjournment: 10:30 AM
Las Vegas Market open for buyers!

Western Chapter Meeting Minutes – April 16, 2016

Date: April 16, 2016
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Host Museum: MSA Annual Conference
Participating Museums: High Museum, Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum

Old Business:

  • Chapter thanked the Children’s Museum and Bill from the Neon Museum for hosting the opening and closing receptions of MSA Western Chapter meeting In Las Vegas 2015.
  • Ray spoke about the finances and $ brought in this past year(~ $7500). Continue building more relevant content for our chapter Meetings.
  • Teishia read Minutes from Chapter Meeting in Vegas.
  • Chacho Herman & Lydia Garmaier motion to approve, all motion to pass.

New Business:

  • Focus for coming year: Carrie will continue Ray’s model of building relevant content for our chapter meetings. Need them to be more useful and engaging.
  • Carrie talked about the MSA Retention and Recruitment that we are all working on. Our challenges as the Western chapter is that we have the largest list of institutions and people to contact; The timing of the campaign was very bad for the leadership team as well as the inaccuracy of the list not being current we are working with.
  • Teishia thanked Andrew Uchin for all of his help and dedication to the Nominating Committee, he ended up spearheading and taking on most of the responsibilities for the process since we lost our Chairperson, Michael Silverman to Secretary nominee and Diana Weintraub from the Lowell Observatory moving out of the retail division.
  • Carrie Announces the Michael Silverman of the Oakland Museum of Californian as incoming secretary. (lots of claps and hoots)
  • Ray officially turns the gravel over to Carrie and incoming President, BIG round of Applause.
  • Carrie asks for location suggestions for our next chapter meeting. We discussed either going to Vegas again or somewhere else in the fall of 2016.
    Next Vegas Gift Show is July 31 – Aug. 4th; Las Vegas Marker is offering 5 scholarships to us to send chapter members who are interested. Nominations to be sent into a chapter officer by May 3rd.
  • We discussed if it is better to have a gift show to accompany our Chapter meetings to encourage more people to attend the chapter meetings. It seems that most people agree that it does help when asking your intuition to fund going to a chapter meeting to also coincided with attending a gift show.
  • Las Vegas Market is offering us a lot of help if we do have our meeting there again. If we were to go back to Vegas would we do it in August or January.
  • Carrie asked again for suggestions for Educational content. Suggestions:
    • Roundtable discussion groups/brainstorming.
    • Ecommerce
    • Possible to couple with whatever the Las Vegs market is using as their content and partner with them on learning sessions.
  • Recruitment/Updating list
    • Call prospective members and find out who the people in charge are.
    • Have conversations with people about what we (I) get out of MSA and the importance to our retail community.
    • Member volunteers to help with this
    • Greg and Andrea from DAM will take Colorado
    • Janice Whrel from O’keeffe Museum, ??? (maybe New Mexico, Carrie may know)
    • Jennifer Barnella from Phoenix Art Museum will take Arizona
  • Carrie mentioned the Google Drive Database for POS systems that Michael wants to implement that would let members know who uses same hardware & software to network and troubleshoot for chapter members.
  • Chacho Herman mentions how great the Newsletter is that Ray has created and puts out.  Great articles and useful information.  Ray will continue the newsletter.