Southwest Central Meeting Minutes – January 21, 2016

Chapter: Southwest Central
Meeting Date: January 21, 2016
Location: Texas Anne McGilvray Showroom 2332 Valdina Street Dallas, TX
Host Museum: Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
Call to Order: 9:00am

Members in Attendance:
Mona Agnew, 6th Floor Museum
Melody Caban, Amon Carter
KIM Chapman, Historical Park Admin
Jin Jo Garton, Fred Jones Museum of Art
Judith Clark, CR Smith Museum
Janet Stieve, 6th Floor Museum
LORRI Wright, MOMA Ft. Worth
Barbara West, Meadows Museum
Sarah Garrett, National Cowgirl Museum

Old Business
Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved

New Business
Jin Jo move that the next meeting be held in Atlanta during the MSA retail Conference and Expo
Seconded by: Janet Stieve

Treasurer Report
Jin announced that we have 2,322.00 in our account. In absence of the treasurer Jin announced that if we were not bound to our current bank that we move our funds to one that didn’t charge us such a high monthly fee ($29.99) all agreed that we should have a better or free rate. Jin to check into it.

Other topics discussed:
Merchandising & books pertaining to ideas for merchandising. Discounts for membership and the different benefit levels.  Custom products – what works, who does small production runs.

We all talked about various things for 20 minutes.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:45 am.

Southwest Central Meeting Minutes – April 18, 2015

Chapter: Southwest Central
Meeting Date: Saturday, April 18, 2015
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Hartford Convention Center – MSA Conference and Expo

Meeting discussion included:

  • MSA business
  • Chapter Business
    • Officer Introductions
      • Ann Miller – Southwest Central MSA Outgoing Chapter President, Briscoe Western Art Museum, San Antonio, TX
      • JinJo Garton – Southwest Central MSA Incoming Chapter President, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
    • Member Introductions
      • Ann Miller – Briscoe Western Art Museum
      • Janet Goddard – McNay Art Museum
      • Ksenia Goode – Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
      • Sarah Garrett – National Cowgirl Museum
      • Lorri Wright – Modern Art Museum, Ft. Worth
      • Amanda Burns – Gilcrease Museum
      • Melanie Rosencutter – Gilcrease Museum
      • Anna Hopkins – George Ranch Historical Park (Ft. Bend Museum, Houston)
      • JinJo Garton – Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
      • Gil Casales – Buckhorn Saloon & Museum, San Antonio, TX
    • Treasury Report
      • The Southwest Central Chapter has $2,688.41
    • Nominating Committee –
      • Volunteers were asked to be on the committee:
        • Janet Goddard – McNay Art Museum
        • Amanda Burns – Gilcrease Museum
      • Scholarship Committee –
        • Volunteers were asked to be on the committee:
          • Melanie Rosencutter – Gilcrease Museum
          • Ann Miller – Briscoe Western Art Museum
        • Chapter Attendance
          • Our Chapter is so geographically extended that the possibility of meetings at Museums, becomes a financial burden to most
          • Skype was a suggestion
          • Look at gathering at Trade Shows to capture the most people from the Chapter and beyond. Survey of shows in attendance:
            • Dallas Market – January
            • Phoenix – January/February
            • Denver – January/February/August/September
            • Wyoming – September
            • Tennessee – November
            • Florida – October
            • New York – January/February and August
            • San Francisco – Summer
          • How should information be disseminated for meetings? Information is not getting to people:
            • Shoptalk – Globally
            • Shoptalk – Regionally
            • Direct Email – Regionally
            • Direct phone conversations
          • Local Gatherings
            • The opportunity for local networking and gathering
            • More opportunity for more gatherings
              • Ann Miller with the Briscoe Western Art Museum mentioned that she would help set-up/guide those wanting to start something like this up