South Atlantic Chapter Meeting Minutes – April 23, 2017

When: April 23, 2017
Where: Pittsburgh, PA
Host Museum: Warhol Museum
Participating Museums: South Carolina State Museum, Mississippi History Museum, North Carolina Museum of History, National WWII Museum, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, High Museum of Art, Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, Tryon Palace, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Call to Order: 5:05pm
Scottie Ash Nicholson
South Carolina State Museum

Susan Briley
Trylon Palace

Lynn Brower
North Carolina Museum of History

Kristen Daniels
Kamibashi String Dolls

Maggie Greenbaum
National WWII Museum

Heather Heath
North Carolina Museum of Natural Science

Rebecca Jones
Mississippi History Museum

Michael Kline
Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

Chris Michel
National WWII Museum

Sylvia Roberts
High Museum of Art

Ginny Stringer
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Diana Walpole
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Meeting Dates:
Location (city/state):
Host Museum:

Members in Attendance:
Scottie Ash Nicholson, Susan Briley, Lynn Brower, Kristen Daniels, Maggie Greenbaum, Heather Heath, Rebecca Jones, Michael Kline, Chris Michel, Sylvia Roberts, Ginny Stringer, Diana Walpole
Old Business:
No minutes from last meeting available. Meeting was held in Atlanta on Saturday July 16th in conjunction with AmericasMart. Kristie Allen reported that the breakfast meeting was held at 9:00 making it a great opportunity for participating before market opened. The theme was “Best Sellers” and the round table format was well received.
Current bank balance is $2,699
New Business:
• Next MSA Conference Location will be DC
o DC hotel will be affordable
o No convention center
o Prime concern : be on the expo floor
o Lynn asked Chris for conference requirements: space, etc.
• Meetings do not have a good turn out
o Meeting in Atlanta during market is not working
o Chapter members would like a new plan for chapter meetings
o Offer on table for Raleigh to host, Nashville is also interested
o The host would do the bulk of the planning
o Challenges in past include : travel budget
o Diana will put together a questionnaire about preferences for meeting dates
o We need something inspiring, we all agreed Crystal Bridges could be inspiring
o More than a few hours, maybe days…speakers, excursions, maybe a vendor market…
• Membership Initiative
o The chapter mission is education
o We can invite non-members to chapter meetings
o Any museum can join the MSA
o Don’t bother with concessionaires
o We need a list of chapter members, current and lapse
o South Atlantic Chapter mail list
o We need to update or current list, Jason or Amy could help
• Chris Michel Covered new National business
o Need volunteers for chapter officers, session speakers and committees
o This is a transitional year, new director, staff, city
o We are run by an association management company, Fernley and Fernley (sp)
o F & F runs 18 associations
o The change was made for financial reasons, we were bleeding money for 3 years
o When looking for management, we received 23 responses
o F & F was decided on independently by Chris and Julie.
o Jason, Allison and Alissa are 100% MSA
o Amy works for F & F planning meeting, like our Conference
o The MSA board has the right to hire and fire
o 5 year agreement with F&F
o Value is the word of the year at the MSA
o We can find a list of committees on the MSA website
o Email Julie if interested in a spot on a national committee
o Email Diana if interested in a spot on a chapter committee
o Chris urged chapters to participate in the Retail Industry Report
Announcements: Incoming Chapter Secretary is Paige James. We are still without a Vice President.
Thank you to Kristie Allen for volunteering to step in as Chapter President during the 2016-2017 season.

Adjournment: 6:00pm

South Atlantic Chapter Meeting Minutes – April 16, 2016

When: April 16, 2016
Where: Atlanta, GA
Host Museum: High Museum of Art

Participating Museums:
The National WWII Museum, Birmingham Museum of Art, National Museum of Mighty 8th Airforce, Center for Puppetry Arts, Tennessee Aquarium, Historic New Orleans Collection, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Mint Museum of Art, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, High Museum of Art, Mississippi History Museum/Civil Rights Museum, Morehead Planetarium, Atlanta Botanical Garden, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, South Carolina State Museum

Members in Attendance:
Kristie Allen, Scottie Ash Nicholson, Chelsea Bilyeu ,Cat Conner, Cody Dodson, Emily Flick, Crystal Garner, Amy Grigg, Kathleen Guy, Heather Heath, Rebecca Jones, Laura Kroeger, Chris Michel, Tim Murray, Sylvia Roberts, Felice Robertson, Patricia Sampson, John Scheyd, Ginny Stringer, Matt Thys, Diana Walpole, Debi Zamoscinski

Old Business:
The minutes from the last meeting were read. Chris Michel asked for a motion to accept the minutes as read. Motion to accept by Debi Zamoscinski, 2nd by Kristi Allen. Motion carried.

Current bank balance is $2,699.01

New Business:

  • Outgoing president Chris Michel announces his new role as Director at Large. Chris expressed a commitment to respond to feedback from members
  • Kristi Allen should be commended for stepping into the role of Chapter President. Mary Douthit was unable to serve as she has retired. Diana Walpole will continue to serve as Vice President as well as perform chapter secretary duties.
  • Chris Michel requested opt in for chapter emails
  • Thanks to Patricia Sampson for her lead and service as host committee to the MSA Expo and Conference.
  • Kristie Allen led a discussion about new ideas to make our chapter meetings better. This year we met in January but turnout was low. Many expressed it was difficult to set aside an entire morning to attend with limited time at a trade show.
    • Requirement is one meeting per year with educational content
    • Timing and time of year to meet
    • We want to be respectful of members time if meeting takes place during a trade show
    • Possibilities include short breakfast meeting or conference call with a predetermined topic

It was concluded that the next chapter meeting will be a breakfast meeting in July during Americasmart. Best sellers will be the topic. Attendees will email a list of best sellers prior to the meeting date for discussion.


  • Membership initiative will be ongoing. We will continue to communicate regarding initiative.
  • Sarah Hilton has replaced Kathryn Hoke, manager of retail services America’s Mart Atlanta. We’ll meet in July. In January there will be an opportunity for a networking breakfast.
  • Welcome new member Debi Zamoscinski from the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta.

Adjournment: 5:45pm

South Atlantic Chapter Meeting Minutes – January 15, 2016

When: Friday, January 15, 2016
Where: AmericasMart Atlanta

Participating Museums:
The National WWII Museum, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art,  The   Andrew Jackson Foundation,  Morris Museum of Art , High Museum of Art , Jimmy  Carter Library, South Carolina Museum and Huntsville Museum of Art

Members in Attendance:
Scottie Nicholson, Chris Michel,  Amanda Millslagle,  Barbara Morphy,  Jama Rice, Patricia Sampson,  James E. Stewart, Janell Zesinger, and Diana Walpole

Call to Order: 9:00am

Introductions: Chris Michel, chapter president; Diana Walpole, chapter secretary and acknowledgement of Mary Douthit chapter vice president. Introduction of  Jama Rice, Executive Director/CEO of MSA.

  • MSA office move
  • MSA Conference presentation
    • Knowledge standards updated
    • Improved learning sessions
    • Westin Hotel host accommodation
    • Learning excursions offer opportunities to tour cultural institutions in and around Atlanta to include the High Museum, Botanical Gardens,  and Martin Luther King Historical Site.
    • Chris Michel reiterated the importance of staying at the headquarter hotel Westin.  Westin is offering competitive rates.
    • 2017 conference location will be shared prior to the start of this year’s  event.