Pacific Northwest Meeting – January 7, 2017

Chapter: Pacific Northwest Chapter
Meeting Date: January 7, 2017
Location: Seattle, WA
Host Museum: Washington State Convention Center – Venue
Participating Museums: Museum of Flight, International Rose Test Garden, Shop at the Seattle Repertory Theater, Columbia River Maritime Museum, Alaska Aviation Museum, Burke Museum, Museum of History & Industry, Washington State History Museum, Barnes Foundation

Call to Order: 9:05 AM Blue Anderson, President, lead the discussion

Members in Attendance: Nancy Whittaker, Blue Anderson, Lilia Villasenor, Mark Weber, Lyn Fenton, Beth Shafer, Mary Christenson, Ann Bronson, Mary Quackenbush, Sarah Kennedy, Lesley Hooker, Julie Steiner

Vendor Members: Kelly Jones – Wraptillion, Laura McCarty- Original Source, Laurie Krehbiel- Rosanna

Old Business: Blue Anderson opened the meeting. Nancy Whittaker discussed membership, asked for volunteers to contact to contact her if they were willing to contact potential new members.

Minutes approved from last meeting.

New Business:

  1. Laura McCarty of Original Source gave vendor presentation.
  2. Open issue of PNW Board Treasurer currently on hold. Will move forward with this after National meeting in April.
  3. Guest member Julie Steiner, National board First Vice-President, discussed the MSA’s bold new direction for 2016-2019 and four strategic goals of looking to the future of the MSA by Attracting younger and/or new members for future growth, Educating members including the use of webinars, Advocacy in teaching why museums have stores and why to buy from museum stores, and encouraging unity among the many individual MSA members by ensuring a unified vision and plan on the National level.
  4. Julie Steiner discussed the recent change of the management company for the MSA. Has caused some challenging transitional moments, but should smooth out and offer a cost savings and streamlined operations. She also invited members to contact her through email with ideas, concerns, or questions.
  5. Blue Anderson handed out a “cheat sheet” for selling MSA benefits to potential new members
  6. The addition of two Vendor Member Advisors to the board was discussed, and a motion was made to adopt. Motion was passed unanimously.
  7. Blue Anderson opened the mike for the good of the order. Subjects included a request for the National MSA Conference to be held on the West Coast at a future date and a discussion why the conference is normally held at an East Coast venue due to it being easier for the greater population of MSA to attend there. Also, that scholarships were available for members to attend the National Conference, but there was concern that the information was not easily found.
  8. The idea of the possibility of having a “Craigslist” type of board for members to exchange store fixtures and displays that they no longer needed or were in search of was discussed.

The ease of use of shoptalk as a digest or real-time was discussed. Julie Steiner said they are working on a national MSA level to improve it. Also, there was a request for members to identify themselves better in shoptalk.

Announcements: Ann Bronson introduced as chapter secretary, New vendor member Laurie Krehbiel of Rosanna introduced

Adjournment: Adjourned at 10:23 by Blue Anderson

Pacific Northwest Agenda – April 16, 2016

MSA Conference Chapter Meeting – Atlanta
Meeting Date: April 16, 2016
Meeting Time: 5:00pm – 5:45pm

Nancy Whittaker – President
Blue Anderson – Incoming President

  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call & Introduction of guests
  3. Presidents Report
  4. New business
    1. Chapter Officer – Incoming. President’s Welcome.
    2. Chapter meetings: Future locations, use of technology
    3. Best way to stay connected: Email, Facebook, Hangouts, Line
    4. Fundraising for chapter coffers
  5. Good of the order – Comments
  6. Adjournment

Pacific Northwest Meeting Minutes – August 1, 2015

Chapter: Pacific Northwest Chapter
Meeting Date: August 1, 2015

Members in Attendance
Brittany Simkins – Museum of the Rockies
Ginger Hudson – Alaska Botanical Garden
Nancy Whittaker – Bellevue Arts Museum
Tim Bruhn – University of Oregon
Renata Tatman – SAM
Lindsey Dabek – SAM
Blue Anderson – CRMM
Elizabeth Marcum, Diana Hennick – The Center for Wooden Boats
Andrew Andoniadis – Andoniadis Retail Service
Miriam Works – Works Retail Consulting

Business Meeting started by PNW Chapter President Nancy Whittaker at 4:05.

  1. Introductions of attendees
  2. Thank you to our sponsors (notes mailed 08/02/15)
  3. Brittany Simkins moved to approve the minutes from January 2015 meeting; Marion Works seconded.
  4. Open discussion of a Treasurer position on the PNW Board; Lindsey Dabek offered to take that on when it becomes available. We will take our guidelines from the MSA, perhaps implementing it for 2016.
  5. Nancy will make a hand book for chapter officers so that everyone knows what the position entails, and Blue Anderson can write a description of next years’ goals.
  6. Renata Tatman and Lindsey Dabek will write a “review” of the WestPac 2015 to post on the MSA message boards.
  7. Fund raising ideas include vendors in chapter meetings and ask members to talk with their vendors about future sponsorships for education (Webinars, etc).
  8. Blue and PNW Secretary Dan David will write a sample sponsor letter for the vendors. Dan doesn’t know this, as he is at home waiting for his soon-to-be-baby girl.
  9. Nancy asked if there were anyone who would sit at an MSA membership desk for the January gift show in Seattle. No one was available at that time. Nancy also reminded us that there would be a “happy hour” gathering of PNW members on August 17th, place TBD.

Adjournment: Nancy Whittaker closed the meeting at 5:05, and the group took a tour of the Children’s Museum in Las Vegas.

Respectfully submitted October 8, 2015
Blue Anderson
Pacific Northwest Chapter Vice President
Columbia River Maritime Museum