North Atlantic Chapter Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2016

North Atlantic Chapter Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2016
Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, VT

Tina Harding, President, Kate Botelho, Vice President, Melissa Spoerl, Judy Coughlin, Paul Stewart-Stand, Lee Wheeler, Stacey Stachow, Steve Santangelo, Heather Savageaux, Cynthia O’Malley, Rachelle Jones, Lynne Mason, Jaime Kanarek-Kornfeld, Diane Wasserman, Tracey Carrier, Heidi Norton, David Duddy, Samantha Linnane, Linda Bradshaw, Kay Kerr, Cynthia Gale, Glenn Gale, Sarah, Meyer, Sally Struever, Ione Saroyan, David Graveen, Alfred DeAngelo,  Robert Feen, Phil Zuckerman, Sue Cabezas, Anna Gesing

Tina called the meeting to order and gave a heartfelt thank you to our host Lee Wheeler and her colleague, Bonnie Douglas, for all their hard work in putting the meeting and social events together. Tina presented Lee with a gift from the Chapter officers.

Tina called for a motion to approve the minutes from the Atlanta meeting – minutes were approved.

Anna reported on the Chapter’s finances:

  • The Chapter Bank of America account had a beginning balance as of 05.01.16 of $8,337.89
  • Deposits of $2,403.58
  • Invoices of $2,014.06
  • Ending balance as of 09.20.16 of $8,727.57 (includes interest paid on the account)

Beth in a Box session materials will be available to other Chapters as well as any MSA members who would like to use within their organization for $50. (If interested, please call Anna).

Tina asked for volunteers to be part of the nominating committee. David Duddy and Stacey Stachow volunteered for the committee.

Ione reported on the MSA National office and the changes to leadership and management. Fernley & Fernley has been hired to partner in running the National office. The MSA National Board is working on the creation of a young professionals group in the hopes of sparking interest in Museum Store careers and also input/ideas from a younger demographic. Ione also asked for Blog entries for the National blog.

David Graveen is speaking to community based organizations with the goal of increasing participation and engagement with MSA in a more meaningful way.

Tina asked for volunteers to lead the membership drive in the New England states.

  • Maine – Melissa Spoerl
  • Vermont – Rachelle Jones
  • New Hampshire – Heidi Norton
  • Rhode Island – Laura Murphy
  • Mass. – Tina Harding
  • New York – open
  • CT – Heather Savageaux

The planning committee was thanked for all their hard work, ideas, and inspiration in organizing the meeting: Tina Harding, Kate Botelho, Laura Murphy, Lee Wheeler, Steve Santangelo, Paul Stewart-Stand, and Anna Gesing.

Kate announced, David Duddy and Samantha Linnane and much fanfare, that the next Chapter meeting will be held at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA September 10th & 11th, 2017. Kate asked for volunteers to help with the planning.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:29AM.

North Atlantic Chapter Meeting Minutes – April 16, 2016

North Atlantic Chapter Meeting Minutes
April 16, 2016
Atlanta, GA

The meeting was called to order by incoming Chapter President Tina Harding at 5:10PM.

Kate Botelho, Amy Budge, Judy Coughlin, Nick Dubrule, David Duddy, Kristine Gillespie, Gail Goldberg, Paul Griffiths, Tina Harding, Jaime Kanarek-Kornfeld, Suzette Lutcher, Lynn Mason, Laura Murphy, Victor Nemard, Cynthia O’Malley, Shelley Peterson, Josh Pratt, Steve Santangelo, Ione Saroyan, Stacey Stachow, Paul Stewart-Stand, Lee Wheeler, Phil Zuckerman

Tina thanked outgoing Chapter President Sally Struever, who was not able to attend, for her service to the Chapter Board. Tina also thanked those members who ran for Chapter Secretary, Rachelle Jones and Anna Gesing. The new Chapter Secretary elected is Anna Gesing.

Tina also thanked our sponsors.

The minutes from the last meeting in Corning NY were read and approved.

Chapter Treasurer, Kate Botelho, reported that the Chapter has had approximately $6,000 in registrations and sponsor donations, and there is a balance of $8,300 in the account for use in planning the Chapter meeting at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, VT, Sept 11 and 12, 2016.

Tina spoke to the members regarding membership and how we can reach out to not just lapsed members, but also gaining new membership. Ione Saroyan gave an overview of the membership drive at the National Board level, and the need for chapters to build membership. She is also looking for ideas and help from Chapter vendor members.

Tina offered a new initiative – $100 for recruiting a lapsed or new member to join the Chapter. She also offered guests half off the price of registration for a Chapter meeting. We are working to be able to offer scholarships to Chapter meetings and National meetings.

Discussion as to what MSA has to offer and how to present that information to potential members and lapsed members.

Phil Zuckerman spoke to his appreciation for the relationships with members and asked how can vendors support the Chapter in non-monetary ways. Could they pitch memberships to accounts? Serve on committees? In depth discussion followed.

Tina also asked for ideas for sessions at the next Chapter meeting as well any members who would like to join the planning committee. She asked members to consider being a presenter at a Chapter meeting. We will be sending out a survey and a list of the planning committee members once it has been compiled.

Tina ended the meeting with a big thank you to the Corning Museum of Glass for the Chapter meeting last September and their generosity with the gift bags, receptions, learning excursions, and meeting space. Applause, applause!

The meeting adjourned at 5:40PM

Respectfully submitted by Anna Gesing, MSA North Atlantic Chapter Secretary

North Atlantic Chapter Meeting Minutes – September 14, 2015

North Atlantic Chapter Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2015
Corning, NY ‐ Corning Museum of Glass

Meeting called to order by Chapter President Sally Struever on 9/14/15 at 9:10 am

Members in Attendance:
Kate Arundell, Kate Botelho, Steve Bukowski, Jennifer Castracane, Jackie Davis, Ibai Demirdache, Anna Gesing, Gail Goldberg, David Graveen, Tina Harding, Julee Johnson, Rachelle Jones, Suzette Lucher, Lynne Mason, Laura Murphy, Victor Nemard, Shelley Peterson, Rita Reed, Tina Rohatsch, Steve Santangelo, Ione Saroyan, Stacey Stachow, Sally Struever, Daniel Thiem, Lee Wheeler, Jocelyn Willis, Colleen Zlock.

The minutes from the last meeting in Hartford, CT were read and approved.

Sally thanked those in attendance, with special highlight on the host, the Corning Museum of Glass and Shelley Peterson, Victor Nemard, and Suzette Lucher. She also thanked the chapter meeting planning committee members; Tina Harding, Kate Botelho, Laura Murphy, Ione Saroyan, Victor Nemard, Shelley Peterson, Suzette Lucher and Colleen Zlock.

Tina Harding announced the location and dates for the next chapter meeting. The meeting will be held at The Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, VT on September 10‐11. Lee Wheeler gave a brief summary of what the Shelburne Museum has to offer. A call was made for volunteers for the next chapter planning committee; we will re‐visit this request as planning takes on more shape. Tina asked that the group consider joining the planning committee and to send all educational session ideas to either herself or Kate Botelho.

The Nominations Committee was discussed for the incoming secretary position and a call to volunteer was made. The Nominations Committee members are: Laura Murphy and Shelley Peterson.

Tina Harding announced that there were again no submissions for the NA Chapter scholarship. It was discussed how to make this very valuable offering more appealing. It was decided that more NA Chapter members will speak to those in their immediate area and ask them to apply. Sally made the point that the sponsorships from this meeting go directly to funding these scholarships.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 am

Respectfully submitted,
Kate Botelho
NA Chapter Secretary