Upcoming Midwest Chapter Meeting – October 5 – 7, 2019

About the Event

The Midwest Chapter 2019 Conference will take place October 5 through 7 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This year’s Chapter Meeting is excited to organize museum store “peer reviews”, provide buyer/vendor collaboration opportunities on product development, share tips on photography, and time to shop at Minneapolis Mart!

Preliminary Schedule

  • Saturday, October 5: Peer review tours of Bell Museum and the Minnesota Historical Society, Buyer/Vendor collaboration reviews at Minnesota Historical, MIA and the Weisman, as well as an evening dinner and networking event with guided discussion on product development.
  • Sunday, October 6: Peer review results discussion, “Museum Product Photography with an iPhone” presentation with Popcorn Products’, David Graveen
  • Monday, October 7: Visit the Minneapolis Mart Showrooms, and hear from some of our sponsoring vendors.

Click here to access the agenda overview

Hotel Information

The Midwest Chapter has a block of 30 rooms at $135/night at the Hilton Garden Inn. To book your stay online, click here.

Hilton Garden Inn

6330 Point Chase Rd

Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344


Registration fee for the FULL Chapter Meeting (including two breakfasts and lunches) is $95.00.

To register and pay online, click here to access our EvenBrite page.

To register by email and pay via check, click here to download the registration form including payment instructions. For questions on registration, please contact Chapter Treasurer, Alicia Catalano at acatalano@catigny.org

Scholarship Opportunities

Your chapter officers have some exciting news! We are happy to announce there will be four, $250 scholarships available to MSA Midwest Chapter members to attend the fall meeting in Minneapolis.  We would like to thank POPCORN, CORKCICLE, Printed Village, Kamibashi and TAM for offering this opportunity to our members.  One scholarship will be solely for first time attendees, and the other three will be drawn from the whole list.

For more information on the scholarship and how to apply, click here. The deadline for applications is August 31.

Chapter Meeting Sponsorship

Becoming a sponsor of the annual Midwest Chapter Conference is a great way to connect with museum store buyers, managers and directors! By supporting the annual meeting, your sponsorship contributes to the education and events of the meeting and is greatly appreciated. For detailed information on becoming a sponsor, download the sponsorship flyer here.

If you have specific questions about sponsorship, feel free to contact Mary Lind Mahmud, Chapter Vendor Advisor at marylind@worldfinds.com or (800) 609-9303 x116

Midwest Meeting Minutes – April 23, 2017

Date: Sunday, April 23, 2017
MSA Conference, Pittsburgh PA
Call to Order: 5:02pm by Vice President Amanda Schultz (Wisconsin Historical Society)

Members Present:

21 members attended the meeting: Amanda Schultz (Wisconsin Historical Society), Susan Ponciroli (Missouri History Museum), Karen McNeely (Milwaukee Art Museum), Mary Rhodes (Natl. First Ladies Library), Corie Ramento (Driehaus Museum), Anna Lange (Wisconsin Historical Museum), Heather Groff (Chazen Museum of Art), Katie Laux (Wexner Center for the Arts), Irene Light (Great Parks of Hamilton County), Shelley Husley (Speed Art Museum), Jan Banister (Columbus Indiana Visitor’s Center), Catherine Buntin (Door County Maritime Museum), Kristen Parker (Golden Spike Tower), Mary Ourecky (International Quilt Study Center & Museum), Jane Precella (Joslyn Art Museum), Cathy Born (Dodge House), Diana Borcz (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame), Roberto Bravo (Chicago Architecture Foundation), Dan Kaehler (Yerkes Observatory), John Sennert (Boys Town), Bianca Pitts ( Cleveland Museum of Arts).

Old Business:

The minutes from the last meeting were read by Susan Ponciroli (Missouri History Museum) and approved.

New Business:

  • Amanda Schultz (Wisconsin Historical Society) reviewed :
  1. Introduction of new chapter secretary Susan Ponciroli (Missouri History Museum)
  2. New ideas for member engagement
  3. How MSA can help our chapter members.
  4. Chapter Scholarships

New Business cont.

  • Locations and date for the Midwest Chapter meeting were discussed. Pros and cons of possible formats to engage members at the regional, state and city level were reviewed. Scheduling a chapter meeting during a market was the desired venue agreed upon by the members in attendance. Venues discussed were Minnesota (Minneapolis Market), Chicago (Stylemax), Vegas Marker, Ohio (Columbus Market. ) Members were asked to submit additional suggestions to Amanda.
  • Geographic layout of museums in the Midwest Chapter was discussed. Some members desire a realignment to closer chapter they identify with.
  • Amanda reviewed what MSA can do for it’s members. Conversations that arose for the topic include:
  1. Regional engagement/networking activities such as local museum meet ups, reaching out to vendors and using meetings as a recruitment tool. We can begin by identifying a chairperson for each state and or city.
  2. How we communicate with each other via facebook, Instagram and shoptalk.
  3. We need to identify a chapter mission statement and a set of goals.
  4. Members want help growing their business.
  • MSA Industry Report: Our chapter goal is 100% participation.


Adjournment: Motion to adjourn was made by Karen McNeely at 6:07pm and was seconded by Shelly Husley (Speed Art Museum).

Midwest Meeting Minutes – August 23, 2016

Chapter: Midwest Chapter
Meeting Dates: Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Location: Dublin, OH
Call to Order: President Mary Rhodes (First Ladies National Library) called the meeting to order at 9:20am

Members Present:

7 Members present:

Mary Rhodes (First Ladies National Library), Katie Stephenson (Kentucky Derby Museum), Brandon Kohler (Massillon Museum), Jim Riley (Ohio History Connection) Tim (Ohio History Connection store), Becky Wildman (Ohio Statehouse Museum Shop), Irene Light (Great Parks of Hamilton Cty)

Note: Present for Monday shopping and learning but didn’t attend meeting: Sal Lowry (Orton Geological Museum), LeeAnne Back (Ohio Statehouse Museum Shop), Dawn Groves (Massillon Museum volunteer)

Old Business:

The minutes from the last meeting were read by Katie Stephenson (Kentucky Derby Museum) and approved.

Mary Rhodes reported that we’ve gained 22 new Midwest Chapter members since phase 1 of the membership drive.  Mary also reported the talking points regarding Jama Rice’s resignation.

New Business:

Katie Stephenson summarized Phase 2 of the grassroots membership campaign and notified group that she is the task force team leader for the chapter and stated that she would need help from volunteers.  Katie stated that in order to reach our goal of 4 new members for quarter, we should start with compiling a vendor list.  She requested that all Midwest members submit a list to Amanda Schultz by 9/1, and that Amanda would compile a list of top 10 vendors everyone is using so that we can contact them about becoming members.

Katie Stephenson advised having local networking events once per quarter with the museums in their area.  She suggested the first Thursday of the first month in each new quarter as a consistent meeting date.  The first meeting would be October 6th.  Non-members should be invited as a way to gain new membership.  After the networking event, an area point person will relay ideas/topics to Chapter leadership the following week via conference call or email (TBD.)

Katie Stephenson also mentioned that a nominating committee will be formed in the near future to elect the future Chapter Secretary.

Other Business:

Mary Rhodes suggested that Chapter funds be used yearly to help send the President that year to Expo to encourage participation.  Mary also suggested that there be a working list of past Expo and Chapter meeting locations available to Chapters.  These ideas will be shared with the Board of Directors.

Katie Stephenson asked for ideas for next meeting and how we can make them successful.  Irene Light suggested having in a centrally located area like Chicago works best.  Jim Riley suggested having smaller, city Chapter meetings.  These could run concurrently with the larger meeting.  Having just 2 concurrent regional meetings at the same time was also suggested, to make travel easier.   Most in attendance agreed that attaching the meeting to a market is helpful.

Drawing was held for items donated by Kentucky Derby Museum, First Ladies National Library, and Massillon Museum.  Jim, Brandon and Becky were the winners.


Motion to adjourn was made by Mary Rhodes at 9:55 and seconded by Brandon Kohler (Massillon Museum.)

Midwest Meeting Minutes – April 19, 2015

Chapter: Midwest Chapter
Meeting Dates: Sunday, April 19, 2015
Location: Hartford, CT

Members in Attendance
Karen McNeely, Mary Rhodes, Heather Groff, Kate LeRoy, Gloria Stern, Meta Bloomberg, Barb Witschger, Ann Hobing, CatherineWallberg, Lisa Sparks, Catherine Survatt, Alicia Anderson, Amanda Schultz, Carie Walcott, Guadalupe Pastenes, Terry Tarnow, Brandon Clayton, Wendy Jacoby and Marissa Onheiber

Call to Order: President Karen McNeely at 1:30 pm

Introduction of Members, Thanked Sponsors and host Museum

Old Business
Minutes from the chapter meeting in Louisville, KY – September 15, 2014 – read by Mary Rhodes
Motion to accept Meeting minutes by Heather Graff, seconded by Wendy Jocaly
Chapter Checking Account – still in process of changing over,
Bylaws were changed to accommodate policy and procedures, may include a Treasurer

New Business
Fall Meeting – Monday, July 27, 2015 in Chicago, IL to coincide with the Rosemont Gift Show. Karen spoke to someone in Rosemont who will give us meeting space and gift shop shuttle service from Chicago to Rosemont. They are also helping with speakers, coffee, lunch, and a cocktail party as well as possible excursion. Phaiden Books may be a sponsor of the event to keep costs low. All members are invited and encouraged to attend other chapter’s meetings. Vendors and 2nd attendees are welcome to attend Chapter meetings. Motel costs versus Chicago and Rosemont, free shuttles from O’Hare Airport to train available, costs?

Chapter Financials
Asking members “What do you want from your Chapter?” What else can we do in our Chapter? Maybe have Regional Events within our Chapter, encourage new memberships and be less formal, Kate LeRoy, The Ridges Wisconsin Sanctuary, and Brandon Clayton Ohio the Dunes Arboretum and Amanda Schultz of Wisconsin Historical Museum with suggestions and help for fall meeting.

Send out Midwest Member listing to Midwest members via email

Adjournment: Adjourned at 2:08 pm
Motioned by Gloria Stern, seconded by Barb Witschger