MSA Florida Chapter Meeting Minutes for September 2017

Jacksonville, Florida, 2017

Chapter: Florida

Meeting Date: October 22, 2017

Location: Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, Jacksonville, Florida

Call to Order: 1:15 by Dan Ayers-Price

Attendees: 30


First                 Last                  Museum                                  Email                          

Natalie            Anderson         Wycliffe              

Terry               Aulisio             Polk Museum of Art

Dan                  Ayers-Price      KW Art & Historical

Diane               Bilodeau          Gumbo Limbo     

Janet                Coffman          Modernism Museum


Lisa                  Cronin             Cummer Museum   

Kristie              Frieze              Wycliffe                     

Sue                  Gauthier          Tampa Museum of Art

Diane               Gennaretti       Italianissimo            

Mauro             Gennaretti       Italianissimo           

Dean                Helfer              Channel Craft            

Shelly               Helfer              Channel Craft          

Renee              Lewis               artist                            

Ava                  Maxwell          Charles Hosmer        

Morse Museum of

American Art

Donna              McNett            DONA SCARVES  

John                 McPhee           Vizcaya                   

Michell            Middleton       Modernism Museum

Jeff                   Nall                  UWF Historic Trust

Pamela            Ramey-Tatum  PR Tatum Fine Art 

Kathryn           Rush                Harn Museum of Art

Steve               Santangelo      Popcorn Custom    


Susan               Saylor              Scarves for the Arts

Kirsten             Soderlind              

Ben                   Thompson       MOCA Jacksonville

Susan               Tudor               Cummer Museum

Paul                 Wales              Atlas Screen Printing

Joy                   Wallace           Vizcaya                   

Angela             Watson            Explorations V   

Children’s Museum

Kellie               Woodward      Vizcaya              

Kathy               Zoetewey        Wycliffe             




  1. Dan Ayers-Price, FL Chapter President, called the meeting to order at 1:15, welcomed everyone, and followed with attendee introductions.
  1. Kathy Zoetewey was recognized as VP replacing Michael Balbone who has resigned from his chapter officer position.
  1. Ava Maxwell was recognized as temporary secretary until elections for 2018/2019 term.
  1. Terry Aulisio was recognized as the FL Chapter Treasurer.
  1. Donna McNett, with DONA Scarves, was recognized as the chapter Vendor Member Advocate.  This new position on the chapter board is a “cheerleader and champion” a voice for the Chapter vendor members. Two vendor members sit on the MSA Board of Directors.  They are the voice between vendors and buyers/museums. Donna will be the FL Chapter’s liaison to the Board Vendor Advocates.

Old Business:

  1. Ava Maxwell read the minutes from The Pittsburgh FL Chapter Meeting. The motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Michell Middleton and seconded by Kathy Zoetewey.
  1. Dan thanked the Jacksonville Conference Planning Committee, consisting of Kathryn Rush, Michell Middleton, Kellie Woodward, Susan Tudor and Lisa Cronin.
  1. The Scholarship Committee report, given by Ava Maxwell, announced that we awarded one scholarship this year to Angela Watson from the Explorations V Children’s Museum in Lakeland.

Welcome, Angela!

The current, standard Scholarship committee application is available for scholarship requests. During The Pittsburgh conference, we decided to have scholarships designated for FL Chapter meetings only.  During our regional meeting in Jacksonville, Susan Tudor made a motion to include scholarships for the National Conference. The motion was seconded by Michell Middleton. The motion passed, and the idea will now go to the Scholarship committee for further discussion.

  1. As of 10/20/17 Chapter Account Balance Total is $6611 with $490 designated to scholarship fund. The Fl Chapter was presented with a check for $269.24 from Dan Ayres-Price from the KWAHS shops designated for the Scholarship Fund, as well as an anonymous donation in the amount of $383, also designated for the FL Chapter Scholarship Fund. Conference Expenses and credits will be forthcoming, and will be reflected in future reports.

New Business:


  1. Kathy Zoetewey, Chapter VP, proposed the idea of forming a meeting planning committee to develop an architecture for meetings, and made a motion. This committee would be an exploratory committee to research the history of our past Chapter Meetings to help plan future meetings. The committee would review procedures and document necessary steps for planning a meeting.  The time line: The committee would meet monthly between now and February. The short manual would be ready by the National Meeting.

Michell Middleton seconded the motion.

Those interested in serving on this committee should contact Kathy. Kristie Frieze and Michell Middleton volunteered.

It was mentioned that MSA should have a calendar of all chapter meetings so chapters do not schedule and plan a meeting at the same time as another chapter.

  1. Kathryn Rush is planning on creating a Chapter Meeting Survey to be sent to all attendees.
  1. Jeff Nall suggested Pensacola for next year’s chapter meeting. Usually discussion for the next chapter meeting location takes place during the Chapter Meeting at the National Conference. Jeff’s suggestion is to be noted, and will be mentioned again.

National Update:

  1. Museum Store Sunday on Nov 26th now has over 500 museums in 48 states and 3 countries.

Information to register for MSS can be found on the MSA website.

The MSS toolkit is provided only to MSA members.

  1. National Conference Registration is now available on the MSA website.


Motion made to adjourn the meeting at 1:50 by Jeff Nall, and was seconded by Susan Saylor. All in favor.

Respectfully submitted by Ava Maxwell, Secretary, Florida Chapter

MSA Florida Chapter Meeting Minutes for Pittsburgh 2017

Chapter: Florida
Meeting Dates: April 23, 2017
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Call to Order: 5:00 PM by Terry Aulisio

Members in Attendance: 21 plus one guest (Jessica Seymore)

First Last Museum Email
Rachel Allen The Ringling
Terry Aulisio Polk Museum of Art
Dan Ayers-Price KWAHS
Michael Balbone Perez Museum of Art
Diane Bilodeau GumboLimbo
Joanne Birdsall History of Diving Museum
Courtney Bitmer Perez Museum of Art
Emily Constantine Vero Beach Museum of Art
Gretchen Falk Shell Museum
Sue Gauthier Tampa Museum of Art
Ava Maxwell Morse Museum of American Art
Michell Middleton Modernism Museum
Rebecca Petrie AhTahThiKi Museum
Audrie Ranon MFA, St Petersburg
Kathryn Rush Harn Museum
Jessica Seymore Wycliffe Discovery Center
Lawrence Singer The Dali
Susan Tudor Cummer Museum
Joy Wallace Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Kellie Woodward Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Kathy Zoetewey Wycliffe Discovery Center
  • Passing the wand
    1. Kathy Zoetewey recognized as new chapter secretary
    2. Terry Aulisio passed the ‘wand’ to Dan Ayers-Price
    3. Dan Ayers-Price thanked Terry Aulisio for her service to the chapter
  1. Announcements
    1. Discussion regarding National Associations desire for new membership from both members and vendors.
    2. Thank you to several chapter members for donations to the scholarship fund.
  2. Old Business
    1. Michael Balbone read the minutes. Motion to accept the minutes by Ava Maxwell.  Seconded by Katherine Rush.
    2. Chapter Account Balance Total: 1790.01 with $490.00 designated to scholarship
    3. Report by Ava Maxwell regarding the Scholarship Committee. They reviewed the application forms and criteria.  Changes were discussed and will be emailed to the chapter one submitted to National Association.
    4. Discussion regarding scholarships. We will look for Florida vendors to help supplement scholarships in the future.  We will be looking to other chapters for ideas in fundraising such as NA chapter Auction. Decided we will focus scholarship opportunities on Florida meeting rather than National meeting at this time.
    5. Thank you to the Scholarship Committee: Terry Aulisio, Michael Balbone, Ava Maxwell, Audrie Ranon.
    6. Thank you to the Nominating Committee: Rebecca Petrie
    7. Thank you to 2017 Florida Chapter Meeting Committee: Kristie Frieze, Ava Maxwell, Michell Middleton, Kathy Zoetewey
    8. Chapter Congratulations to Ava Maxwell for being named Volunteer of the Year
  3. New Business
    1. Fall Chapter Meeting Plans
      1. October 2017
      2. Host: Susan Tudor
  • Host Museum: The Cummer Museum, Jacksonville, FL
    1. Downton Abbey tour of the Lightner available only on Oct 21
  1. Kathryn Rush motions to form committee for Fall Chapter Meeting: Kathryn Rush, Kellie Woodward join committee with host.  Terry Aulisio Seconds. All in favor
  1. Scholarship Committee
    1. Ava Maxwell suggests committee discusses ways to work on finding scholarship funds for fall meeting. A committee of Michael Balbone, Ava Maxwell and Audrie Ranon will continue on as the scholarship committee.
  2. Square
    1. Our chapter has a square for any needs related to credit card payments or donations. See Terry Aulisio with any payments at this time.
  3. Minutes/Phone List
    1. Kathy Zoetewey will email out minutes and phone/email list once the minutes are approved post meeting.
  4. National Update
    1. Susan Tudor gave an update on the National Association
      1. Florida did well in new member recruitment over last year despite not ‘winning’
      2. Membership outreach – looking at a chapter level membership outreach – Officers to form a task force
        1. Kathryn Rush will utilize a summer intern for research over the summer to strategize naming stores and management to connect with
        2. Kathryn Rush, Michell Middleton and Rebecca Petrie to serve on committee
      3. Blog-looking for blog post writers
      4. Advocacy – Museum Store Sunday – Committee to start meeting in May and information will be forthcoming

Motion made to Adjourn at 6:04 by Lawrence Singer.  Seconded by Terry Aulisio.  All in Favor

MSA Florida Chapter Meeting Minutes for Atlanta 2016

Chapter: Florida
Meeting Dates: September 23rd-26thth 2016
Location: Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, FL
Host Museum: Morse Museum, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and Modernism Museum of Mt. Dora

Participating Museums: Ah Tah Thi Ki Museum, Cummer Museum, Gumbo Limbo, Harn Museum of Art, Key West Art and Historical Society, Lightner Museum, MFA St Petersburg, Modernism Museum, Morse Museum, PAMM, Polk Museum of Art, Ringling Museum of Art, Shell Museum, Tampa Museum, Vizcaya, Wycliffe Bible Translators

Participating Vendors: Steve Angelo, Popcorn Custom Products; Donald Burns, Museum Reproductions; Jackie Goldman, Puzzles Plus; David Graveen, Popcorn Custom Products; Wood Huntley, Museum Store Products; Donna McNett, Dona Scarves; Jeanne Murphy, David Howell & Co; Katerina Quintero, Batacuda; Luke Weinbrenner, Unemployed Philosophers Guild; Phil Zuckerman, Applewood Books

Call to Order:
Terry Aulisio called the meeting to order at 11:18 am

Members in Attendance:
Terry Aulisio, Dan Ayers Price, Michael Balbone, Rachel Allen, Diane Bilodean, Lisa Cronin, Jean Deluca, Gretchen Falk, Kristie Frieze, Sue Gauthier, Ava Maxwell, Michell Middleton, Rebecca Petrie, Janice Phelaw, Audrie Rañon, Kathryn Rush, Susan Tudor, Joy Wallace, Kellie Woodward, Kathy Zoetewey

Old Business: 

  • Michael Balbone read the minutes from the 4/16/2016 meeting. Dan made motion to approve, Kathy Zoetewey seconds and all approved.
  • Chapter Scholarship Committee report is given by Ava Maxwell. Ava suggests furthering the scholarship committee so that scholarship funds can be secured for the 2017 National Meeting and mentions Audrey Rañon helped in securing the chapter scholarships. Scholarships provided by Popcorn Custom Products and MP Barcelona.
  • Dan Ayers Price reports on the Product Development Committee. Dan mentions he has surveyed a number of officers from all MSA chapters and most do not have an interest in chapter products. Dan discussed the high costs associated with the vendors he has quoted for a tote bag. Kellie mentions a vendor that offers a lower cost bag. Dan motions to continue product discussion in New Business.
  • Terry speaks regarding the FLS Chapter account balance. At the time of the meeting the balance was $1774.63, currently the balance is 1557.34 after all expenses and scholarships have processed.

 New Business:

  • Terry thanks the planning committee of Kristie Frieze, Ava Maxwell, Michell Middleton, and Kathy Zoetewey for organizing the meeting. Terry also thanks the vendor member sponsor: Anthropologie and Patrick Kells, Coca-Cola, World of Coke, Disney Springs; Wood Huntley – Museum Store Products; Luke Winebrenner – Unemployed Philosophers Guild; David Graveen & Steve Santangelo –  Popcorn Movie Posters; Jackie Goldman – Puzzles Plus; Donald Burns – Museum Reproductions; Phil Zuckerman – Applewood Books; Donna McNett – Dona Scarves; Katerina Quntero – Batucada.
  • Terry announces chapter information regarding member moves and new members
  • Dan reports on the initiatives put forth by the MSA National office for new members namely the 3-stage plan for recruiting. It is mentioned that FLA Chapter has the least amount of lapsed and most amount of new members. Dan states the FLA Chapter Board expressed concern about the recruitment expectations to National via group email correspondence. Dan proceeds to read the letter to National and then discusses their response. The group discusses new member recruitment strategies.
  • Terry asks Dan to again discuss the product development committee. Dan reiterates what he spoke about during ‘Old Business’ and makes a movement to dissolve the Product Committee, Rebecca Petrie seconds and the group agrees.
  • Terry discusses the upcoming board nominations. She has asked Rebecca Petrie to chair the nominating committee and she accepted. Kellie Woodward and Michael Balbone will also join the nominating committee. The group discusses role requirements of chapter board participation.
  • Terry discusses the banking account. Terry asks the group to consider self-sustaining initiatives for chapter fundraising. Dan proposes setting a fixed rate for attending the chapter meeting to cover costs and also raise funds for the chapter account. The group discusses and it is agreed that an audit of previous chapter meeting expenses will be lead by the Scholarship Committee before a new paradigm for attendance rates is set.


  • Susan Tudor announces that Jacksonville is a possible host for the 2017 Chapter Meeting
  • Terry mentions she can take cash or credit cards if anyone would like to donate to the scholarship committee
  • Dan reads the email from Stuart Hata to the group regarding the transitions happening in the National office.

Motion to adjourn meeting was raised by Ava Maxwell, seconded by Rebecca Petrie, all approve. Meeting adjourns at 12:18 pm.

Florida Chapter Meeting Minutes – August 28 – 30, 2015

Chapter: Florida Chapter
Meeting Dates:
August 29, 2015
Key West, FL
Hosted by: Key West Art & Historical Society

Participating Museums: Custom House Museum, KW Lighthouse Museum, Fort East Martello Museum, Hemingway Home, Audubon House & Gardens, Truman’s Little White House, Shipwreck Historeum & Mel Fisher’s Maritime Museum.

Call to Order:
Rebecca Petrie, Chapter President, called the meeting to order at 2:10pm on August 29, 2015

Members in Attendance:
18 member is attendance: Annelizabeth Atie, Dan Ayers-Price, Ann Barrett, Heather Blades,
Lynn Clark, Sandra Sue Dent, Gretchen Falk, Susan Gauthier, Diann Mahoney, Ava Maxwell,
Michell Middleton, Rebecca Petrie, Kathryn Rush, Jenny Rutz, Lawrence Singer, Susan Tudor,
Joy Wallace & Kellie Woodward.

Old Business:
The minutes of the last Chapter meeting, at National, were read by Secretary Dan Ayers-Price.
Approved by general vote on a motion brought by Michell Middleton and seconded by Ava Maxwell.

New Business:
Checking account status was provided by Chapter President Rebecca Petrie. A Chapter Officer
Nominating Committee was selected. Susan Tudor & Sandra Sue Dent volunteered.
The potential for providing a Chapter scholarship was discussed and a suggested outline was
given to Members for consideration. A Scholarship Committee of Ava Maxwell & Heather
Blades was formed to further explore details. A Product Development Committee of
Kellie Woodward & Dan Ayers-Price was formed to consider future Chapter product ideas.
A vote was taken and approved that allows for a few extra dollars to go to the Chapter for any
wholesale product project undertaken. General discussion was given to the 2016 MSA/FLA
meeting location. President Rebecca Petrie will email the membership to seek a volunteer host.
Kudos were given for the vendor mini-expo hall used during the current meeting.

Updates from National headquarters were read by Chapter Vice President Jenny Rutz.
Kathryn Rush spoke of a potential MSA/FLA coffee table book. Multiple ideas for other
Chapter projects were discussed with the decision made to defer to the Product Development
Committee. Audubon House expressed strong interest in joining MSA in their upcoming fiscal

Motion to adjourn made by Lawrence Singer and seconded by multiple people simultaneously.
Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm