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Managing Your Customer’s Experience

May 16, 2016 If you Google “customer experience” you’ll be surprised by the number of hits you get labeled customer experience management.  Who knew your customer’s experience needed to be managed? It wasn’t that long ago that you simply put merchandise on the counter, turned on the lights, opened the doors and… voilà, instant customer […]

Six Tips from the Best in the Business

May 2, 2016 Last week, the Business Journals interviewed 11 of the top small business owners and asked them for tips for success in running a successful company. These business owners were honored as last year’s Small Business Persons of the Year in their respective areas.  While their businesses may differ from an operation like […]

The Perils of Pricing

April 4, 2016 Boutique grocer, Trader Joe’s recently reported that they would be reducing prices.  This is in response to a new pricing strategy announced by Whole Foods… or as they are sometimes referred to – Whole Paycheck.  While Whole Foods has thrived over the years despite their reputation as being the pricey alternative, even […]