MSA Store of the Month Program

The Museum Store Association community is comprised of many different types and sizes of museum stores encompassing the broad diversity of our parent institutions. Great stores of all scale exist in a variety of settings and extend the institution’s experience to its visitors and beyond. MSA seeks to recognize the unique qualities and individual characteristics of museum stores with the “MSA STORE OF THE MONTH” designation, culminating with the “MSA STORE OF THE YEAR” recognition at our annual conference and expo, MSA FORWARD in the spring of each year.

Winning STORE OF THE MONTH is a valuable opportunity to communicate the value of our member stores and the importance of independently-operated retail within nonprofit cultural institutions.  MSA’s Executive Director will contact senior management of the winning institution to share the good news about STORE OF THE MONTH.

“For The National WWII Museum’s new Hall of Democracy Museum Store to be named as Museum STORE OF THE MONTH by an international and highly revered organization such as the  Museum Store Association (MSA), is a great honor. This recognition affords me the opportunity to share with my team the accolades of the industry, and my appreciation for the daily hard work that is required to earn such acknowledgement.  This honor also allows me the opportunity to praise my team to Senior Staff and remind them that our independent  Museum Stores bring recognition to the institution while performing our joint core mission of serving our guests.” – Chris Michel, Senior Director of Retail and Parking Services, The National World War II Museum

Nominate Your Store for MSA STORE OF THE MONTH!


All current institution members can apply for MSA STORE OF THE MONTH. MSA STORE OF THE YEAR will be selected from that year’s winners of STORE OF THE MONTH.


MSA STORE OF THE MONTH and MSA STORE OF THE YEAR is a recognition program for our community’s institution stores. This award recognizes an institution’s main store operation only; therefore, an institution’s exhibition or pop-up stores are not eligible on their own.


MSA STORE OF THE MONTH entries can be made via the nomination form.  Nominations submitted via the form by the 15th of the month will be considered for that month’s STORE OF THE MONTH; nominations received on the 16th or later will be considered for the following month. For example, nominations received on or before July 15th will be considered for July STORE OF THE MONTH, those received between July 16th and August 15th will be considered for August STORE OF THE MONTH.


MSA STORE OF THE MONTH is awarded monthly and culminates with the MSA STORE OF THE YEAR award at MSA annual conference and expo, MSA FORWARD in the spring of each year.


MSA STORE OF THE MONTH and MSA STORE OF THE YEAR recognize outstanding achievement within our community. This recognition and appreciation is vital to our stores, members, community, and institutions as it confirms that their existence and work is valued by others. When our stores and their work are valued, their support within their institutions and their community rises.


MSA STORE OF THE MONTH is reviewed by the Education Advisory Group (EAG) consisting of key MSA leaders from the board, staff and EAG committee members. To determine the MSA STORE OF THE YEAR recipient, the MSA STORE OF THE MONTH WINNERS will be automatic nominees for the MSA STORE OF THE YEAR, and the award will be presented by the MSA Board at MSA FORWARD.