Visual Merchandising Symposium

Introducing the New MSA Visual Merchandising Symposium

MSA has teamed up with Visual Merchandising expert Anne Cecil to offer MSA members a series of customized educational webinars relating to store merchandising and visual display. Forty years of professional retail merchandising experience plus over 34 years as an adult educator makes Anne your ideal Merchandising Maven. Anne shares the strategies, tactics and practice that connects your buy to your sales floor to your customer to your cash register. Visual Merchandising is the most underutilized tool in your toolkit. Master it now!

Webinar #1:  Beyond the Pyramid
Thursday, Oct 27th, 3 PM ET

Pyramids or Triangles always sell more merchandise.  This shape inherently creates a focal point, an integral component of the design principal. In this webinar we will dive deeper into the power of the pyramid and learn three other related approaches to fixture merchandising and product display. 

Webinar #2:  Walls are Your Workhorse
Wednesday, Feb 15, 3 PM ET 
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During this session we will discuss how to merchandise your walls effectively to meet your Visual Merchandising Objectives. 

Webinar #3:  Setting Your Cash Wrap for Sales Success
Apr 2023, Date Coming Soon 
Did you know that if a customer perceives more than a two-minute wait at your cash wrap the entire trip to your store is a fail? In this webinar we will learn how to set your cash wrap to ensure a pleasurable and efficient customer experience.

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