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Tourism Series
Shop America Alliance and the U.S. Cultural & Heritage Tourism Marketing Council formed a strategic partnership with MSA for this white paper series to provide education and resources to address the cultural tourism market. The primary objective the travel and tourism white paper series is to provide education and resources to increase visitation to museums and increase business at museum stores.

Business White Papers
Three white papers are available on business topics, including outsourcing, search engine optimization, increasing traffic with or without a website and a collaborative marketing case study. Additional white papers will be added to this series.

Tourism Series

Tourism 101: Basic Information for Selling to Tourists
This first white paper in the series covers introductory topics including: what is tourism marketing, what is cultural and heritage tourism, why is tourism important to your business, what motivates tourists to shop, and a glossary of terms.

Partnership Strategies for Building Tourism Business
Learn how to leverage the power of tourism marketing partnerships to build your business at minimal cost and by using other partners’ money. Learn how to prepare a tourism partnership profile, select and target your preferred partners, and develop your tourism relationships and facilitate long-term partnerships.

Public Relations and Special Events to Build and Track Tourism Business
Learn how to use the power of public relations and promotions, working with your museum team and through the museum store, to cost efficiently build your tourism business. Strategic tools, including research, merchandising, special events and communications, are profiled.

Online Travel and Tourism Marketing Strategies
Find out how to harness the power of the Internet to increase the number of visitors to your institution and customers to your store.

Train Your Team to Be Tourism Ambassadors
This white paper will help you train your team to become effective travel and tourism ambassadors, engaged in welcoming visitors, increasing their spending and generating word of mouth to attract repeat visitors.

Driving Cultural Tourism in Challenging Times
Focuses on the most direct and accessible ways to drive more business into your museum stores—and that is through drive market travel.

The Cultural & Heritage Traveler Study
Reports on the results of a market research study conducted in 2009 that is the first of its kind defining the cultural and heritage traveler.

Business White Papers

Outsourcing Retail Operations in Cultural Institutions: Weighing the Pros and Cons
Addresses the key issues raised by the trend in outsourcing and provides practical information that store managers can use to ensure the profitability of their operations and increase their contribution to their institutions.

How to Increase Museum Store Traffic Using Local Search Engines, With or Without a Website
Learn why Internet search engines and local searches are so important for your museum store business, how to get listed and increase store traffic.

Collaborative Marketing Case Study: Small Investments Bring Big Returns
Learn how collaborative marketing could be the answer your institution is looking for to increase revenue and attract more visitors utilizing cost-effective marketing and advertising solutions.

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