COMING SOON: MSA Resource Library

MSA is pleased to announce the forthcoming MSA Resource Library: a curated content library of the most often requested policies, agreements, descriptions, models, templates, forms and checklists. This free library will be available on the MSA website to members only.

Help MSA build this library with your very own expertly crafted documents and models. Examples of what we are seeking:

  • Sample Handbooks
  • Sample Job Descriptions
  • Sample POS checklists
  • Sample Training Manuals
  • Sample Store Policies
  • Sample Agreements

Email your sample documents to:

Please note:

  • Submitted documents will be reviewed by the MSA Education Advisory Group (EAG). The EAG will recommend a selection of the submitted documents for posting in the MSA Resource Library.
  • By submitting your documents, you grant MSA permission to post on the MSA website.
  • Please submit original items only. We cannot post materials copyrighted to others, nor will we post promotional materials.