Museum Store Sunday is Famous!

December 4, 2017

By Erin Brown

The inaugural year of Museum Store Sunday was a huge success on the digital side thanks to the communal efforts of participating institutions, their marketing departments and our vendor partners. By utilizing the directives we provided and by engaging your consumers and artisans locally, the Museum Store Sunday social media accounts were able to reach thousands of people only a couple of months prior to November 26.

On Facebook, between promoted and organic reach, the Museum Store Sunday page generated more than 200,000 impressions with people across the US. As we head into 2018, a great foundation has been set with more than 2,400 people following the page. More than 20 institutions created Facebook event pages, tagging Museum Store Sunday as a co-host to the event, which allowed us to easily broadcast that event to the MSS consumer audience. These Facebook events cumulatively resulted in more than 13,000 responses from people saying they either were attending or wanted to attend.

Nearly 100 events tagged Museum Store Sunday’s page in their posts promoting local events, which also helped to grow our account. In terms of audience, a majority of the MSS Facebook audience is made up of women (ages 35-54) from New York, Florida, Los Angeles-area, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC and St. Louis. Another great win from Facebook was the number of posts shared. The community of institutions, museum store representatives and vendor partners who liked, shared and commented on the posts generated from the Museum Store Sunday account really contributed to an outstanding year one. In only two months, our posts received 4,269 engagements (likes, shares, comments), which is outstanding.

The most popular Facebook post over October and November was the post sharing the USA Today article about Museum Store Sunday!

On Instagram, the account currently has 285 followers and is growing daily. Everyone did a great job contributing to the online conversation by using the hashtags created to promote Museum Store Sunday. More than 750 posts were tagged #MuseumStoreSunday! And more than 425 posts tagged #BeAPatron! Instagram followers generally responded very well to the images that institutions created using the MSS logo, showing signage, buttons, bags, etc. We were inspired by and excited to share the creative ways that everyone chose to promote Museum Store Sunday locally.

With such amazing support from members of the Museum Store Association, we’re in excellent shape as we head into the New Year with Museum Store Sunday 2018 on the horizon. Thank you for being such an active part of the community and don’t forget to save the date for November 25, 2018!

Click the link below for the Hello PR social media recap.



Erin Brown is a Social Media Consultant and part of the Hello PR Team responsible for Museum Store Sunday press and Social. She studied Art History in college and began her career in the marketing department of a museum in Los Angeles. From there, she lived in San Francisco and New York, working as the Director of Marketing and Communications for Design Within Reach, where she brought the stories of emerging and established designers and their products to life through print and online media. In 2014, Erin returned to the LA-area to live and work, starting a social media consultancy for retail brands, designers and more.

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