Seeking Your Unique Content for MSA Blogs!

June 5, 2017

By The MSA Membership Committee

MSA is always seeking relevant content for our weekly blog, and we hope you are interested in sharing your skills and experiences with the MSA community. All of the members of our community are trained professionals and experts in the field – and have interesting, personal, and relevant material to share with their peers. One of the defining characteristics of our Association is their unflagging willingness to assist each other — and a blog post offering info, suggestions, and practical steps is a way to spread that word across our community!

We also revamped the MSA blog to include a photo of the MSA blogger’s business and an image of the author to personalize the post. I hope you will all consider this as a way to shine at your own institutions and businesses; publishing your expertise in a blog for your association of 1,400+ members shows the knowledge and willingness to contribute that makes you an industry leader.

Perhaps you have an intriguing industry topic you’ve been itching to write about, or you devised a solution to a common museum retail problem. Did you present something at the recent conference in Pittsburgh – or find inspiration there that led you to investigate an issue? Maybe you recently presented to your board and the content is relevant and would be of use to our community. What have you been working on that you would love to share?

Blog Submission Details

  • MSA Blog submissions should be between 400 and 900 words.
  • Topics can include anything relevant to our trade under the umbrella of the seven MSA Knowledge Standards: Merchandise Planning, Customer Relations, Operations, Financial Management, Human Resources, Communications and Business Relations.
  • Topics must be educational – offering tips, information and advice that would be useful to the MSA community. The MSA Blog is not a platform for advertisement or solicitation.
  • MSA Blog submissions should be emailed to Ione Saroyan at with the email subject “MSA blog submission.”
  • MSA Blog submissions should be accompanied by a head shot and one or more photos of your business, or a photo of relevance to your content.
  • MSA Blog submissions should include, in the body of your email, the MSA Knowledge Standard(s) that your blog applies to.

Here is a link to recent MSA blog posts as examples.

Here is a link for tips on writing a great blog post.

We hope that you will find this an exciting prospect and will contribute an MSA blog in the near future. The MSA Membership Committee has taken on the solicitation, submissions and editing of these blog entries. We look forward to reading your submissions!

The MSA Membership Committee: Karen McNeely, Ari Lowenstein, Ione Saroyan, Laura Murphy, David Duddy,  Alice McAuliffe, and Jason Harbonic



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