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Marketing Cultural & Heritage Tourism cover image "Marketing Cultural & Heritage Tourism"

NOW AVAILABLE! 195 pages packed with valuable ideas and case studies! Learn how to build your business in the fast-growing global tourism market, increase museum visitation and museum store sales by targeting high-spending travelers and discover partnership strategies to leverage local tourism partners and minimize your investment. Includes cultural and heritage traveler research, data and trends to help you understand and capture the travel market. Order your copy today! (MSA members and affiliates save $10 off the listed price: just use code MSA.)
$29.95 Members, $39.95 Nonmembers

Numbers by the Book cover image "Numbers by the Book: A Financial Guide for the Cultural Commerce & Specialty Retail Manager"

Order your copy of this new publication from MSA. "Numbers by the Book" will help you manage your store's finances—everything from creating budgets and projecting sales to setting prices and measuring store performance. Includes a CD-ROM of sample forms. View the Table of Contents.
$29.95 Members, $34.95 Nonmembers

Knowledge Standards Self-Assessment CD image Knowledge Standards Self-Assessments CD

For MSA members ONLY! Use this handy CD to rate your professional skills and measure personnel proficiency. At a glance, you'll be able to evaluate the areas within each of the eight Knowledge Standards where you can improve and identify future learning opportunities. Get all of MSA’s 43 Knowledge Standards self-assessment tools on one CD!
Cost: $21.95

2009 MSA Retail Industry Report 2009 MSA Retail Industry Report: Financial, Operations, Salary and Best Practices Information for the Specialty Retail Industry
The 2009 MSA Retail Industry Report provides benchmarks, gives insight and enables you to make smart business decisions. The report includes more than 140 pages of valuable information, including comparisons by gross store sales and museum type to compare your store.
View Table of Contents
$259 Members, $359 Nonmembers

Cultural Commerce Business Glossary

An alphabetized collection of special terms and definitions commonly used within museum and specialty retail organizations in a four-page laminated format.
$14.95 Members, $16.95 Nonmembers

Cultural Tourism Terminology

An alphabetized collection of specialized terms commonly used in tourism communications and the travel industry in a two-page laminated format.
$9.95 Members, $11.95 Nonmembers

MSA Essential Knowledge Standards Bundle

For MSA members ONLY—Save money! Includes the Knowledge Standards Self-Assessments CD and both glossaries (Cultural Commerce Business Glossary and Cultural Tourism Terminology) at one low price!
Cost: $39.95

MSA's Manager's Guide: Basic Guidelines for the New Museum Store Manager “MSA's Manager's Guide: Basic Guidelines for the New Museum Store Manager”
THE survival guide for nonprofit retailers. Updated in 2004! A comprehensive manual for managing a nonprofit store, from financial data to marketing. Includes CD-ROM of worksheets and sample forms!
View Table of Contents
$54.95 Members, $74.95 Nonmembers

The New Store Workbook “The New Store Workbook”
MSA's guide to the essential steps from business plan to opening day. Revised edition includes checklists and worksheets; new chapters on marketing the store and opening an online store.
View Table of Contents
$54.95 Members, $74.95 Nonmembers

MSA's Manager's Guide: Basic Guidelines for the New Museum Store Manager "The Formula for Online Success" – CD
If you need help with the basics of getting started online, this CD is for you! Susan Sweeney, the best-selling author of eight Internet marketing books, has put together this CD presentation just for MSA, based on her session at the 2008 MSA Conference. The CD contains a comprehensive look at where to begin and how to navigate your way to online success!
$21.95 Members, $31.95 Nonmembers

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Back issues of Museum Store magazine
Select issues available. Call the office for availability–Cost: $15 each.

The Cultural Traveler 2010 edition cover image The Cultural Traveler 2010 Edition
A guide to cultural and heritage travel and the leading museum stores. The Cultural Traveler provides an insider's guide to the fine art of shopping museum stores, renowned for their creative and authentic collections, educational gifts and tasteful treasures.
Cost: $11.95

White Paper Series
  • Tourism 101: Basic Information for Selling to Tourists
  • Partnership Strategies for Building Tourism Business
  • Online Travel and Tourism Marketing Strategies
  • Train Your Team to Be Tourism Ambassadors
  • Driving Cultural Tourism in Challenging Times
  • The Cultural & Heritage Traveler Study
  • Public Relations and Special Events to Build and Track Tourism Business
  • Outsourcing Retail Operations in Cultural Institutions: Weighing the Pros and Cons
Cost: $14.95 each
Choose any six white papers for $69.95

MSA Publications Order Form (PDF) 
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