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MSA Marketplace Anniversary Celebration
November 1-11, 2021

This November, the MSA is marking two anniversaries: the one-year anniversary of the MSA Marketplace (November 11), and the five-year anniversary of Museum Store Sunday (November 28)!

To commemorate these milestones, we're celebrating Monday, November 1 through Thursday, November 11 with vendor specials on the MSA Marketplace and fun prize giveaways to Marketplace buyers throughout the event.

  • MSA Marketplace Vendor Specials: Over 40 of our MSA vendors are offering discounts and other specials on the MSA Marketplace for this anniversary celebration! Browse the list of specials here, and get ready to take advantage of these specials during the event. (Be sure to add "Apply MSA Marketplace Anniversary Special" in the notes section when you place your order.)
  • Prize Giveaways: During the event, we'll be drawing winners at random to win a special edition box of 12 Blackwing x Museum Store Sunday pencils! (Buyers must place an order on the MSA Marketplace sometime during November 1-11 to be entered to win.)

We hope you join us November 1-11 to shop the MSA Marketplace, celebrate these two anniversaries with vendor specials and prizes, and support the MSA! Make sure you're registered on the MSA Marketplace and for Museum Store Sunday.

MSA Marketplace Shop + Sip
September 9-10, 2021
Online shopping all day / Happy Hour on September 9 at 6 pm ET

After the success of our first MSA Marketplace Shop + Sip event, we're excited to host another online buying event -- the last of the year! This is a great chance to finish up your holiday buying -- and maybe win a prize for doing so.

Mark your calendars for this two-day event, featuring MSA Marketplace vendor specials, prizes and giveaways, and a fun virtual Happy Hour.

  • MSA Marketplace Vendor Specials: Click here to see 40 specials and discounts from our vendors on the MSA Marketplace.
  • Prizes and Giveaways: We'll be randomly drawing 4 buyers each day for Starbucks gift cards, and randomly selecting 8 buyers who placed orders from new-to-them vendors during the two-day event to win prizes ranging from cookbooks to gardening gift sets to art puzzles!
  • Virtual Happy Hour: We can't wait to connect and catch up over Zoom on Thursday, September 9, and 6 pm ET. We'll also be announcing the winner of the cocktail contest from the first Shop + Sip event! A Zoom link will be emailed to all MSA members on the day of the event.

MSA Marketplace Shop + Sip July 21-22, 2021
Online shopping all day / Happy Hours each evening at 7 pm ET

Join us for this two-day MSA Marketplace online shopping event featuring specials from our vendors, prizes and giveaways, virtual networking happy hours, and a cocktail contest! We hope you discover new products and vendors on the Marketplace, and can't wait to see you at the evening Zoom happy hours to chat, network, and sip tasty beverages!

  • Cocktail Contest: See the cocktail contest recipes here. Gather your ingredients, mix up a drink of your choice, and get ready to vote on your favorite during a live Zoom poll during each happy hour! The MSA Chapter who submitted the winning cocktail will have their recipe featured at a networking reception at MSA FORWARD 2022.
  • Prizes and Giveaways: See a list of possible prizes and giveaways for buyers who make Marketplace purchases during the event here. We'll be drawing winners each day for Starbucks gift cards, and randomly selecting 10 buyers who placed orders from new-to-them vendors to participate in a virtual prize grab bag.
  • Show Specials: See a list of all Marketplace show specials and discounts offered by MSA vendors during the event here.
  • Zoom Happy Hours: To join the Zoom happy hours (7 pm ET on July 21 and 22), please use the link included in our July 14 News Brief enewsletter.  The link will work for both evenings -- feel free to join one or both happy hours! (The Zoom happy hour link will also be emailed to all members on July 21.)

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